Our Team

  • Mike Mower

    I have been in the construction industry since 1979. I apprenticed first as a carpenter and then as a lather under the tutelage of master craftsmen who drilled the importance of performing our trade with care and an adherence to quality above all else. I am grateful for their patient yet demanding instruction.

    I began my business in 1987, initially contracting in the commercial field, but soon found that I preferred the personal connections that came with residential work building custom homes. In 1999, I moved toward remodeling and found that that was where I really thrived. I love the challenge of transforming a home into exactly what the customer has dreamt will make their home life the most it can be. I remodel by choice and I remodel from love.

  • Contact Information

    Email - michael@remodelerinc.com
    Cell phone - (801) 518-6712

  • Vicki Bruns

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  • Contact Information

    Email - vicki@remodelerinc.com

    Cell Phone - (801) 597-5707