Construction Bid Promise

This is what sets our Estimates apart.

When we give you what we call a construction promise, instead of an estimate, or a proposal, we give you a very detailed document that specifies each and every construction process. From acquiring the building permit to installing dust barriers and ventilation to minimize dust contaminating your house, to where demolition will occur and whether we are salvaging materials for the customer. You’ll know what kind of molding we’ve included, what type of doors and door hardware, and the species of wood rails. It’s not unusual for our “promise” to be 7 or 8 pages long and contain pictures to better illustrate what we are including. At the end of the description we offer this written promise -
“This is a firm bid. We have thoroughly examined the plans and the existing conditions and offer this quote exempt from additional charges unless the Owner directs a change or an unforeseeable element arises that the Contractor could not have anticipated (such as termite damage, wood rot, buried obstacles, etc.).”
At any time after the Construction Promise has been accepted, the customer can make changes whether the increase the scope and cost or reduce it. We understand the importance of written change orders at the point of the change. We learned long ago the pain and rapid deterioration of relationships both the customer and we feel when changes are performed on verbal agreements without pricing and clarity in writing. Our change orders include the same detail as the Construction Promise and the price, an adjustment of schedule time, and an adjusted contract price. You always know where you are and that makes a much more comfortable remodeling experience.

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